Photography or Art?
Most of this is just to add some text and links to an otherwise very empty (but simple and elegant) web page, to give the search engines something to find about sunset photography or photographs.
The photograph page is in an iframe, but even if you look at the code within it, there isn’t much text on the page as it’s all done with AJAX.
Where does sunset photography start and art begin?
When you click the shutter? – but some cameras now have high dynamic range (HDR) processing built in, so the ‘art’ begins before you take the picture and you can see a more lifelike sunset photograph.
How you frame the picture? – I use photo plus to crop the sunset photographs, just as a darkroom was used in the past.
If you deliberately under or over expose the sunset photograph, is that art?
If you use software to stitch several smaller sunset photographs into one large one, is that cheating, or just saving you the cost of a 15 mm lens? I use panorama studio pro
Using something like portrait professional is obviously ‘cheating’, but then you could argue so is putting on make-up.
Sunset is a good time to capture stunning landscape photographs.
I have done nothing other than crop or stitch the sunset photographs on this site, so I don’t think I’ve cheated at all, but you may disagree.
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